Reasonable Aquaculture:

  • Condition hones: Mangrove and wetland preservation; persuading transmitting association and water quality control; remains control and slope association; soil and water protection; gainful fishmeal and fish oil use; cautious sourcing of brood stock and adolescent fish; control of breaks and obliging biodiversity and untamed life impact.
  • Network rehearses: Build up particularly portrayed rights, aquaculture zones and                   commitments regarding Aqua culturists; administrative consistence and persuading endorsement; store up responsibility; specialist flourishing, reasonable work hones and reasonable compensation.
  • Manageable business and homestead association hones: Powerful biosecurity and ailment control frameworks; inconsequential adversary of microbial and pharmaceutical use; microbial sanitation; keep up benchmarks for tidiness; helpful and others aware gather and transport; reliable record-keeping and detectability; benefit.